Willpower Is Bullshit

Motivation can get some shit done. I won’t lie to you there.

It’s the reason why we all listen to music while we train (or at the very least, so we don’t have to hear other people chit chat).

Motivation makes things seem so easy and can have you wondering why things aren’t always like this. Then you have an off day and you’re reminded.

You also can’t watch the same motivational video and get the same reaction from the first time to the hundredth. You’re deconditioned.

Willpower can be tossed into the conversation because it’s a common excuse that people make as to why they can’t lose fat.

Willpower is bullshit.

It’s useless.

If you’re fighting yourself for every decision you have to make in order to change and achieve your goals, something needs to change.

It’s your approach.

You are likely either:

  1. Trying to change too much at once
  2. Trying to change something you know deep down won’t
  3. Lacking in discipline
  4. Not really serious about losing fat

Argue with me all you like, it’s one of those four things.

  1. Ever try and clean your house? Do you do a bit of each room without actually tackling and completing one of the rooms? That’s what it’s like when you dabble in some workouts, some food tracking, some prep, but you skip a ton of stuff and then give up? You’re doing too much at once. OWN the gym. OWN meal prep. OWN logging your food. And repeat that shit.
  1. Did you tell yourself that you were going to cut out carbs for this diet and you swear to stick to it this time? Yea, why do you lie to yourself? You love carbs. Carbs are great. They are not the enemy and you CAN lose fat while eating them. Don’t be so restrictive.
  1. You say one thing and you do the other. You’re always late to events. You constantly miss deadlines at work and you’re chasing transit because you’re behind schedule. Your discipline sucks because you have nobody to hold you accountable. Look into a coach or workout buddy and take this shit seriously. It’s your life we’re talking about here.
  1. You just say you want to lose fat but you don’t really know what that means. You have been this way for a while and you’ve sort of given up hope that you can actually change who you are. So you settle. Hey, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. But it sure seems like it’s something you want to accomplish because you read about it, ask about it, and sort of try new diets every few months (until you fall off and make excuses about it).

Harsh? Maybe.

But I think harsh is what you need right now. A swift kick in the ass can do somebody good. I got mine when I had to buy bigger jeans because suddenly my waist didn’t fit.

When is it going to be your turn to achieve your goal. Use that discipline and create new sustainable habits for yourself. Do shit repeatedly and unapologetically because it’s your body and you only get one. Why settle when it only makes you unhappy?

Strive for more and be more.

You owe it to yourself.

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